Live Streaming at half the cost!

While Spring celebrations may look different this year, we look forward with optimism and hope. I want to take a moment to express my sincerest thanks to all my clients, past and present. I am honored you chose Doug McBride PhotoCinema for your photography and/or video needs and I pledge to do my best to make your upcoming experience with us the best ever. I also want to express my deepest thanks to those working with the public, saving lives and providing essential services to everyone; without you, we would most certainly be in a much worse situation, bless you all.

With COVID-19 making it hard for people and businesses to communicate with one another, many are turning to streaming through Facebook, Zoom, Skype and other internet programs. At Doug McBride PhotoCinema, we have offered “Live Streaming” for a couple of years already. I have decided to help whomever I can by offering our live streaming services for half price. If you have an event, be it a wedding or seminar or anything that involves multiple people and you are unable to invite those people to the event, live stream it to everyone you wish. With people living in Shelter-In-Place and Stay-At-Home areas, they will be more than happy to watch your event live with great interest. I am not speaking about low quality video and hard to understand audio, our streaming is professional HD with audio and video comparable to watching the nightly news on television. If you have an event that just can’t wait indefinitely, please contact me and let’s discuss what we can do to share your event with everyone you wish. These are difficult times, but Live Streaming with Doug McBride PhotoCinema is one of the easiest decisions to make. Let us help you.


Worried about the COVID-19 affecting your wedding plans? Let us help!

This has become a time when everyone needs to look out for everyone else. We all need to work together and respect and love one another. I have discussed this with my employees and we have decided to offer a very special deal to couples looking for an answer to their uncertain wedding celebrations. I have had brides contact me to see if we can photograph their ceremony at the church and then later in the year, photograph the reception. Absolutely, it is my pleasure to work with wedding couples in any way I can. I am proposing an idea that may work very well for many bridal couples.

We will offer 4 hours of photography with 2-photographers and include an HD video of the entire ceremony for only $1000.00. We take an audio feed off the church/facility PA system with the officiant and music, place a wireless mic on the groom for perfect audio of everything said by the bride and groom, and use 2-video cameras to capture every detail and all of the emotion. We can capture getting ready, the ceremony, friends and family members and any outside images of the bride and groom desired. This way you have everything you need to share with whomever you wish until you are able to have the reception. You can play the ceremony at the reception for everyone who was unable to attend. The video plays on televisions, computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones, so everyone you wish can relive the ceremony just as if they had attended it themselves. Plus, you will have an abundance of incredibly beautiful photos of the 4-hours to share and view forever. You own all the images and HD video to share with whomever you wish, to save and share for generations. This seems the perfect answer to the problems facing many bridal couples at this time. If things change before your wedding day and you wish to add hours or additional video or anything else, no problem, we can do whatever you wish at a price much lower than other photographers/videographers. We are here to give you one less thing to worry about; if we work together, we can all make it through these tough times, happy and healthy.