Engagement, Wedding, Personal, and Corporate Photography and Videography in Des Moines, IA

Doug McBride is an award-winning photographer and videographer based out of the Des Moines area. Doug and his team are well known for capturing every detail, creativity and adding personable touch to ensure that the services provided are beyond the clients’ expectations at a very reasonable price. Doug’s flexibility and easy-going personality top off his professionalism and expertise in the photography and videography business. Outside of his typical day to day business duties, Doug participated or is currently involved in the following organizations: President of the Woodland Heights for 11 years, Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, Better Business Bureau, Urbandale Chamber of Commerce, Des Moines West Side Chamber, Ingersoll Business Association, Des Moines Tree Keepers, Des Moines Metro Arts and many others.

Our Guide of Photography and Videography

In today’s digital age, phone cameras and phone videos become more sophisticated with every new release. This often poses the question of how necessary is it to hire an experienced photographer or videographer? Some people may consider not hiring a professional for their special event in favor of having the service done by themselves or their guests and their phone. Using an amateur photographer, even one that has a decent camera, can give a person disastrous results. After the extensive effort a person puts into perfecting every detail of a marketing campaign, an engagement session, wedding, or any event; winding up with bad photographs or videos can be very unfortunate. Professional photographers and videographers have the skills and the experience to document perfectly a company’s or person’s special occasion. Doug McBride can work closely with clients to find out exactly what kinds of photos and videos they want of their event. Doug McBride PhotoCinema will have the professional equipment necessary to provide clients with high-quality photos and videos, including cameras, lighting, drones, projectors, PA Systems, wireless microphones and mixers, editing software, and extensive technical knowledge. Call us today or fill out our free instant quote to learn more.

Best Wedding Photographers in Des Moines

"I am a Certified Wedding & Event Planner and have hired Doug McBride PhotoCinema multiple times over the last several years and have great comments from my clients about what a great job Doug did on their photos and videography. I would recommend Doug to anyone looking for great photos or video services for their wedding, party, or corporate event."
Bonnie Rosa-Mosena
Certified Wedding & Event Planner


Why is it Important to Hire a Professional Photographer and Videographer?

The biggest reason a person avoids hiring a professional photographer is to save money; however, handling an event by themselves can be disastrous. When the photos and videos are ruined, the lost value is greater than the photographer and videographer fees. With the experience and knowledge of a seasoned photographer, let Doug McBride take care of the photography and/or videography while you concentrate on other matters. Our team recognizes the importance of budget planning and will work with clients at a very competitive rate. Below are the top reasons it is important to hire a professional for any event.

Knowledge and Experience

Because of the popularity of social sites like Instagram, most people have tried their hand at taking professional-looking photos. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that there is a lot more that goes into professional photography than filters and angles. Even high-end, expensive cameras can’t take quality photographs without a photographer with the knowledge to do so. YouTube has videos shot on everything from phones to $50,000 cameras. Non-professionals don’t realize all the audio and video equipment and experience it takes to create great looking and sounding videos; luck is not an option. 

Professional photographers have years of experience that have allowed them to develop a specific style and given them the sensitivity to nuance that allows them to find the perfect photo opportunities. For example, wedding photography and videography are challenging to most individuals. These events usually have inconsistent lighting because of spotlights, dance floor lighting, dim banquet room lighting, or even colored light from a stained-glass window. Our expert wedding photography team knows how to work with these obstacles and incorporate them into stunning and creative imagery that provides clients with consistent, high-quality photographs that they will treasure for many years. The idea is not to just capture images but to create incredible photo and video keepsakes that will be cherished for generations. Doug has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art Photography and Motion Picture Film from The University of Iowa. His life has been dedicated to consistent, high-end professional photography and video production.


When a person relies on themselves or their friends to document an event, such as a wedding, they are not likely to get the images they want. They will split their time between enjoying the event and taking photos and videos, which means they will miss photo opportunities. Sometimes these disappointments can cause friends and family to be upset at the person taking the photos and videos and leave everyone with hard feelings. When a person hires a professional wedding business like Doug McBride PhotoCinema, they can be sure that they will get all the best moments captured in photos and on video. After all, professionals like Doug dedicate their lives to the art of photography and videography.


Not only will Doug be able to fulfill the wishes of his client, but Doug and his crew often have ideas for amazing photos that their client had never thought of originally. This is especially helpful for engagement session photography, as this can give a person an idea of the photographers creativity, style, and personality. They are skilled at wedding photography; observing the event without interrupting it and are comfortable spending hours on their feet and moving wherever to get the perfect shots. At a wedding there is much going on that the bride and groom are not even aware of. It is not just about what bride and groom experience but also what is going on with family and guests.  Doug and his crew consistently amaze couples with their wide range of photos that capture everything that happens throughout the entire day. Doug McBride and his talented team are dedicated to taking care of client’s needs and providing stunning images as a result. Doug McBride PhotoCinema has a photojournalistic approach to their videos that serve their clients well; capturing everything then editing all the video into an incredible, entertaining and memorable experience. Whether personal or corporate, the final videos amaze everyone with their audio and visual quality and creativity.

Professional Equipment and Editing

Professional cameras are complicated. The camera itself is expensive, and there are accessories like lenses, tripods, microphones, digital recorders and specialized lights that may be needed. Even if a person were to purchase these things themselves, they may not know what kind of camera or lighting would work best for their event; there is no substitution for experience.

Professional photographers like Doug have everything they need to take quality photos of any event. Videographers are fully equipped with all the production equipment necessary to take videos that look and sound professional, such as lighting, wireless microphones, and digital audio recording equipment. They will have backup equipment to protect themselves against any battery or equipment failures that may happen while covering any corporate event, wedding or event of any kind.

Photos and videos do not look professional and polished until they have gone through extensive editing. Photo and video editing requires expensive, sophisticated software and extensive technical skill that the average person does not have. Doug and his professional crew of photographers and videographers have had years of training and experience in photo editing and can provide clients with high-quality photos and videos. Doug and his crew are made up of professional photographers and videographers where this is their profession, their livelihood. These are not insurance agents or other professions that only do this work on weekends. At Doug McBride PhotoCinema, this is all we do, all the time, full-time. Our top-rated videography and photography have all the experience, knowledge, professional equipment, and the shooting and editing skills needed for the perfect images and videos. 

When to Hire a Professional Photographer or Videographer

There are many moments in a person’s life that they want to remember forever. Professional photos and videos can keep those memories alive for decades. We cherish saving and sharing emotions and memories with family and those we love for generations. Below are some occasions when individuals should consider hiring Doug McBride PhotoCinema, an Iowa photographer.

Engagement Photography and Videography

Engagements are a popular reason to hire a photographer in the Des Moines area. For betrothed couples, this is the ideal opportunity to get to know their wedding photographer before their big day. They can use their engagement photography session to get comfortable in front of the camera which will help them look more natural when it comes time for their wedding.

Wedding Photography and Videography

High-quality photos are an essential part of a wedding. By hiring Doug McBride PhotoCinema as your wedding photographer, the wedded couple experiences peace of mind knowing that they will receive everything and more than what they ever expected from their big day. Doug is able to work with the bridal couple to create a wedding day timeline, the same itinerary as an expensive wedding planner. There is no charge for this and it helps the couple understand exactly how the day will flow; this is invaluable for those not already working with a wedding planner. Doug McBride PhotoCinema videography creates a documentary style timeline of the day that can be relived over and over again. By capturing the entire ceremony; toasts; interviews with the family, the wedding party and guests; and much more allows the bride and groom to experience the entire day from beginning to end. The fully edited, HD or 4k video file can be watched in full or select any part of the video to watch as easy and often as you wish. This file can be shared with whomever you wish and can be uploaded onto the cloud to share and be watched on TVs, computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones. This is truly the best way to save your special day on video.

Corporate Photography and Videography or Personal Event Photography and Videography

Corporations hire Doug and his crew for creating marketing materials, training videos, vendor relations, internet, and website photos and/or video clips, special promotions, employee and board members photo headshots, agricultural, real estate, and architectural photography. They also capture ribbon cuttings, corporate anniversaries, guest speakers, seminars, conventions, and trade-shows. Other occasions to consider are large corporate events to small private parties. Several manufacturing corporations have flown Doug around the country to capture photos and videos of their equipment being used on location. Some of Doug McBride PhotoCinema clients include Microsoft Corporation; Bratney Companies; MacNeil Wash Systems; Wells Fargo; Hy-Vee; Profits, Inc.; The City of Des Moines, Oklahoma Film Board, Oklahoma Department of Human Services; Simpson College; University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics; Des Moines University; Mercy One; Tulsa Children’s Hospital; Dr. Pepper/Snapple and many, many more.

What to Look for in an Events Photographer and Videographer

Aside from availability, there are a few important considerations when searching for an event photographer and videographer. They should assess the photographer’s style and see if it matches the event. Individuals should find out what kinds of events the photographer or videographer has covered before to see if they have any experience with what the client wants to have done. Doug McBride PhotoCinema has years of experience and expertise in both the photography and videography for numerous and various events. Their experience and knowledge make them the perfect choice for your event. Call today to learn more. 

Why Choose Both Photography and Videography

Can’t decide between photos or videos? It may be a better idea to have both. Videography can give a person the ability to relive a special moment, while photography provides them with a keepsake that they can display. Corporate needs may vary due to what the marketing department intends to use the material for. Our expert team offers both photography and videography services, so there is no need to search for a separate videographer. Besides when you hire Doug McBride PhotoCinema for both photo and video you qualify for a special discounted rate. When they work together as a single crew, you benefit from excelled production quality and efficiency and spending less money.

Amateur or Professional?

Searching “wedding photography near me” turns up a wide range of options, from long-time professionals to amateurs. There is no reasonable substitute for a professional photographer or videographer. Capturing unique imagery for personal or corporate use is important. Professional videographers and photographers have unique skills and a trained eye that lets them provide a person with the best photos and videos possible. Doug McBride PhotoCinema has an incredible amount of 5-Star reviews on Google, Wedding Wire, The Knot, LinkedIn, Alignable and our own website. Contact our qualified team today to get started and count on us to provide you with outstanding photography and/or video for your unique event. Estimates are free, so call us before making any decisions, you will be happy you did.